April 30, 2019

Success story from reader Anthony English

Sent by Jonathan Stark on April 30th, 2019

Longtime reader and friend of the list Anthony English wrote in with a nice little success story (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hi there, JS, Landed a project 1 day after being referred by someone. I used the “why?” conversation with the end client, and it hit the mark. My client manages a remote team who are getting paid based on time tracking (hourly). As I am giving some direction to the remote team, I was afraid of being part of that time tracking system. Hourly? Not the way I want to charge. (What would J Stark think? 🤔) Me to my client: “Did you want me to keep track of my time?” Client: “NO! You and I have our arrangement. Simpler for both of us.” And then my client added: “as a commitment to our relationship I want to pay you in advance right now. PayPal address? I’ll send you this first month’s in advance.” A

Yep, it’s true folks… there are good clients out there who value what you do enough to pay you 100% up-front. In some cases, voluntarily!