November 23, 2018

Anatomy of a Bestseller

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I talk about launching a successful book.

Bestsellers don’t just happen on their own. What do you have to do to create one?

Here’s the link:

Talking Points

Big ideas

Why you need to be entranced with your big idea

A distinct point of view

Delivering content that serves your ideal audience

Build your email list

Start building an email list a year before you launch

Write the book that your audience wants or needs, but in your voice

Approach where they are, not where you think they should be

Repeat with new books

Quotable Quotes

“It’s not just about your topic, it’s about who you’re serving.” –RM

“Delivering the content in advance – there’s so many advantages to that.” --JS

“It’s not like there’s one way to success. There’s certainly a formula, but the formula needs to have your essence in it.” –RM

“You kind of need to meet people where their awareness is. –JS