September 12, 2018

Success story: 2x to 5x fees in a matter of months

Here’s a success story from a participant in my Slack room that I hope you will find inspiring (shared with permission):

Bit of a success story. I paid Jonathan a few months back for an “hour” consultation where we went through a proposal i was writing for a client. The client indicated a budget of $15k. With Jonathan’s help, I created 3 options, 1 = $15k, 2= $35k, 3= $75k. I wanted them to go for option 2. They did, and were seriously considering option 3. That project is now deployed (website). The client told me I cost double what they would have paid someone else, but through the reduce of bounce rate (40% down to 10%) and the UX I delivered, the client made the extra $20k back in a week just through new clients. I then was asked to scope up another project, which i costed at $75k. The client approved it and hardly blinked. Value pricing 😀

Congrats, Alex! Thanks for sharing :-)

These kinds of results are not unusual if you offer value priced options, employ the Goldilocks pricing curve, politely refuse to negotiate on price, and promise measurable results. Yes, someone with whom you’ve never worked will increase their budget to hire you.

And if you deliver, they’ll hire you again and again and again.

Why wouldn’t they?

It’s a win win. You have demonstrated that you can deliver positive ROI. For every dollar they give you, they get more than a dollar back... either on the bottom line or in intangible value.

This stuff actually works.

BTW - I should probably start value pricing proposal reviews... I sure undercharged for this one ;-)



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