August 8, 2018

Productized service success story from reader Mauro Chojrin

Long time reader Mauro Chojrin wrote in with a nice little success story which illustrates the advantages of packaging your expertise as a productized service (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hi J: How are you? I wanted to share a little story with you because your material helped me a lot getting to it (And, I won’t deny it, I’m pretty proud of myself right now :). A couple of days ago I had my first payed consultation which I sold as a productized service. It wasn’t that much money but the great thing about it is I didn’t have to do anything to get this particular sale: someone I’d never heard of before payed for it before they even got to talk to me. It was funny, I had to track the buyer down to know who he was and what exactly he had purchased :). The thing is, I had put up a sales page for this service a long time ago and completely forgot about it (And clearly the payment method was set up so I’d get the money but not any other related info :). Anyway, I had the session over Google Hangouts, showing this guy how to connect a PHP application he’s developing with an external webservice and got my first testimonial and when I asked how did he get to me he told me he was looking for a php expert, found my blog, read through it and went to my /services section and then decided to pull the trigger... So I guess this content marketing thing does work after all :) I have been putting out quite a bit of content (written and some video too) for folks trying to either get into php or improve their skillset and I’m starting to get the feeling that this is taking off. So... Thanks for all the good advice, hopefully my story will encourage others to put in the work on their businesses. Regards, Mauro

Congrats MC, and thanks for sharing!

Like anything else, productized services have their advantages and disadvantages. But as this story so perfectly shows, one of the big advantages is that the sales process is very low-touch. And sometimes, no-touch!

If sales is not your strong suit, productizing your services is an attractive alternative to selling custom projects.



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