August 7, 2018

Selling the Outcome, Toddler Edition

Reader Ben Wilhelm wrote in with a fabulously visual anecdote that illustrates the difference between talking inputs vs outputs (shared with permission):

Jonathan, This morning, I witnessed an amazing illustration of selling the outcome not the process. When my three-year-old’s nose is running, we always ask him “Do you want your nose wiped?” and he always responds “No!” and sometimes even runs away. This morning, my wife asked him “Leif, do you want me to get that booger out of your nose?”. And he. said. yes. !!! mind blown !!! Thanks for all that you’re doing to help folks like me get paid better. Ben

Thanks Ben!

The moral of the story....

The next time you find yourself describing the activities you will undertake on behalf of your client instead of focusing on your client’s desired outcome, think about a toddler with a runny nose.



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