June 23, 2018

Can you call tomorrow?


You get an email.

It’s from someone who heard about you from so and so and they want to jump on a call to talk about maybe hiring you to do X, Y, and Z, and can you call tomorrow at 10am to talk about the project?

Your goal on a call like this IS NOT to sell the prospect something.

You goal on a call like this is to CONVINCE YOURSELF that there’s a good fit. If by the end of the call you’re not convinced, there’s nothing more to be done.

Pro tip: If you’re nervous at all prior to the call, then something is wrong. Butterflies are a sign that you are feeling needy. That you’re going to attempt to convince them of something. That you’re about to subject yourself to a beauty contest.

You don’t need to persuade or convince or coerce anyone on this call. Your job on this call is to find out how big a win working together is likely to be for both of you.

That’s really it. There is nothing scary about it. There should be no pressure or anxiety. If there is, you’re making the sales process unnecessarily difficult on yourself and your prospects.



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