May 12, 2018

Is The Why Conversation compatible with cold outreach?

One reasonably effective way to drum up work in a hurry is to do cold outreach to prospects in your target market.

Pro Tip: When you do cold outreach, your request should be to set up a meeting to find out if there’s a good fit, as opposed to setting up a call to pitch your services.

If the premise of the meeting is to determine fit, it won’t seem weird when you launch into The Why Conversation.

If, on the other hand, the premise of the meeting is to prove your worth, asking the prospect “Why” questions will just confuse them, waste everyone’s time, and almost certainly prevent you from determining their perceived value of an engagement.

Whether the sales call was initiated by you or the prospect, you need to have The Why Conversation.

At best, it will reveal massive perceived value. At worst, it will prevent you from getting sucked into work with razor thin (or negative!) margins.



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