April 30, 2018

Daily Writing Practice - Brilliant or Insane?

Before I get to today’s message, I’ve got some follow-up info on the launch of The Freelancer’s Roadmap yesterday:

Coupon Codes—I sent out the book launch announcement around midnight Eastern US time last night with a coupon for 100% off for the first fifty people. About eight minutes later, I started getting reports that the coupon code wasn’t working.

My first thought was that I had fat-fingered the code in my sales software, but nope - that wasn’t the problem. It had already been used by fifty people! I felt pretty bad that they went so fast, so I opened up another fifty uses. The second fifty were gone almost as quickly.

My apologies to folks who were asleep when I sent the out the coupon code and missed the free deal. Maybe next time I’ll see if there’s a way to roll out timezone specific codes or something.

ePub Bug—It turns out that the ePub version of the book has a bug in it that prevents it from being opened in some readers. I found and fixed the issue and will release an update in the next day or so. All buyers will automatically be notified of the update and can download the new ePub file if they were affected by the bug.

And now, on to today’s message...

In this week’s TBOA, Rochelle and I talk about the pros, cons, ins, and outs of writing for your audience every day.

Daily Writing Practice - Brilliant or Insane?

Talking Points


Quotable Quotes

“Writing daily is actually easier than writing weekly” —JS “I wake up, I put on my pants, I brush my teeth, and I write. It’s just something I do every day.” —JS “Thinking harder doesn’t solve everything.” —JS “Someone who’s used to billing by the hour can start to feel like a supplicant. That is not where you want to be as an independent.” —RM “Your idea gets better when more people share it and play with it and give you feedback.” —RM “An email list is a closed community.” —RM “When you write every day, your bs falls away.” —JS “Text is where I play with my ideas.” —RM