May 1, 2018

Success story from reader Rahoul Baruah (aka “Baz”)

Reader Rahoul Baruah (aka ’Baz“) sent in a story that I hope you’ll find inspiring (shared with permission, very lightly edited for clarity):

Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to let you know of a quick success. I followed your Why conversation and coupled it with Blair Enns’ ”call to deliver the proposal“ - and I just won my first contract for a new side to my business (CRM and Email Marketing for Independent Businesses). I spent the time running through the objectives on the phone, she definitely believed that I understood her business and had her interests at heart. Just like you said she would! It was actually a seven page proposal - one page of objectives and metrics, a testimonial, three pages of options, a call to action and then a final testimonial. But I delivered the words over the phone and only emailed it to her when she had confirmed the values. The third option (”Guaranteed“) was too expensive for her so she stumbled, but she went straight for the middle one (”Done for you“). The final clincher - she couldn’t afford it up-front so was incredibly relieved when I offered 5 monthly payments instead. Thank you to you (and Blair) for your help and inspiration. Baz

Congrats, Baz! Thanks so much for sharing



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