February 24, 2018

Accept their risk

Not happy with your profits?

Accept more risk.

Wait... what?

Think about it...

BigCo has decided that they must undertake a big project. They believe that both the likelihood and impact of failure are high (i.e., it’s risky)

You are a recognized expert with a track record of successfully completing this exact sort of project for companies just like BigCo.

Do you see the dynamic?

BigCo sees the project as extremely risky.

You don’t.

To you, this project is eye-rollingly boring. A slam dunk.

So when I say “take on risk to increase your profits” I’m NOT encouraging you to engage in risky behavior.

Rather, I’m suggesting that you look for risks that scare your clients but don’t scare you, and then charge them to accept responsibility for their risk.

Boom. Profits.