February 22, 2018

“How do I generate inbound leads?” and more...

In today’s group coaching, we had just three questions so I was able to go deep and explore them from a variety of angles:

I’ve found a problem I can help solve. My ideal client has a “hero” office staffer with lots of processes that go through him or her. (I have tools to analyze and visualize this stuff quickly and easily in a way that empowers them and clarifies the picture.) How can I turn that into a vertical? (timestamp: 1m 5s)

Is it too vague or confusing to say you’re a “Marketing and growth consultant for X industry?”. The Growth part allowing me to branch into strategies for client retention, experience, etc. (timestamp: 22m 34s)

i have a 2 part question - 1. How would you go about targeting thought leaders (like yourself) for direct sales outreach? LinkedIn, open doors by trying to be helpful, etc? 2. How would you suggest I go about trying to generate inbound type leads? e.g. how would you personally go about looking for an improved online sales related solution (timestamp: 44m 31s)

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