Captain’s log, stardate 20171121


Who’s the real problem here?

Sent by Jonathan Stark on November 21st, 2017

When he was in college, my cousin had a string of bad roommates one after the other after the next.

After about the fifth one, I began to wonder who the actual problem was :-)

If you have had a stream of “clients from hell”, maybe the problem isn't them. Maybe the problem is you. Or least how you’re running your business.

Do you quote lowball prices to lowball players? Do you often go over estimate? Do you start work before you understand your client's desired business outcome?

All of these behaviors are common to freelancers because they're encouraged by the practice of hourly billing. And hourly billing CREATES clients from hell.

Start quoting - not estimating! - prices for your work and watch your client relationships thrive. (And then start raising your prices!)




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