October 13, 2017

“What if a prospect initially balks at my rate?” and more...

Thanks to everyone who joined me for yesterday’s live video Q&A session!

FYI - If you missed it, this event was an “open to the public” session of my group coaching. If you’re interested in the answers to any of the questions below, you can view them instantly and at no charge here:


Here is a sampling of the questions I answered:

“Hi! What would you do if you were working remotely from a country with lower salaries for a client in US and they’d expect a rate that’s standard to that country (and much lower than US rates)?” (timestamp: 2m 41s)

“What should I do if a prospect initially balks when I tell them my rate?” (timestamp: 9m 26s)

“I’ve done quite a bit of thinking on the best vertical for me to hone in on ... this feels like a difficult decision. Can you revisit the industry vertical / horizontal specialty and what questions to ask yourself when focusing on a niche area?” (timestamp: 20m 39s)

“Do you ask the client how much profit they make on each customer? This could come up in an attempt to explain how much value your work is going to be for the client. For example you can expect 10% increase in customers with your work, therefore you will make XYZ profit after paying for your work.” (timestamp: 35m 4s)

“Value based pricing in public sector (working for municipalities, governments...) Can it work? Any tips?” (timestamp: 49m 17s)

“Verticals: if you want to focus on multiple verticals, is it best to have separate marketing/websites for each?” (timestamp: 59m 14s)

“How do you determine if a client is a good fit?” (timestamp: 60m 54s)

“What is a compelling communication strategy to overcome existing perceptions of what I ‘should’ cost and get conceptual buy-in from not only my client contact but also their VP and CEO BEFORE providing a proposal?” (timestamp: 63m 48s)

PRO TIP: If you don’t want to watch to the whole 60+ minute recording, click on the Ask a Question/Q&A tab to jump straight to the answer you’re interested in.




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