October 14, 2017

What would you pick?

Specializing is a great way to increase your profits. It’s how you opt-out of the race to the bottom. How you stop competing on price.

Why is this?

Here’s why...

Specialization provides an answer to the question:

“Why are you twice as much as the next guy?”

But here’s the thing...

You don’t get to charge more just because you’re different. That’s not how it works.

You get to charge more when you specialize because specialization allows you to create better results faster.

Being able to deliver more value than your competitors is going to allow you to charge more than your competitors.

This make sense, right?

The hard question isn’t whether to specialize, it’s what to specialize in.

If you had to specialize in something, what would you pick?

Please hit reply and let me know 🙂



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