September 9, 2017

Hilarious Rants About Soggy Positioning

One of the best ways to attract better leads, close more deals, and increase your profits is to define a laser-focused positioning statement (LFPS) for your business.

The vast majority of independent professionals fail miserably at this. Instead, they try to be everything to everyone.

This is manifest as confusing, boring, and unmemorable headlines on their websites and other marketing materials. You’ve seen this meaningless “soggy” copywriting all over the internet.

A while back, I started collecting classic examples of soggy positioning to call attention to this rampant anti-pattern:

Examples of Soggy Positioning Statements

The other day, one of the charming and talented students in my private coaching Slack came across a hilarious rant from Kasper Kubica who was fed up with the same anti-pattern:

For the love of God, please tell me what your company does

(Thanks, DD!)

This reminded me of a related and also hilarious rant from designer Stefan Sagmeister:

Stefan Sagmeister to Creatives: ‘No F@ckhead, You Are Not a Storyteller’

I think you’ll get a laugh out of all three of these posts - and hopefully learn something along the way :-)