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[AUDIO] Ditching Hourly 033: Pulling The Trigger On Value Pricing with guest Joel Miller

Sent by Jonathan Stark on September 8th, 2017

Your next episode of Ditching Hourly is here!

This time around, I’m joined by Joel Miller. Joel is co-owner and project manager at The Sky Floor, a web design and marketing company in the Chicago area. I asked Joel to come on Ditching Hourly to share with you his first experiences using value pricing for project work. Enjoy.


* “Hourly billing is a quagmire.” —Joel Miller

* “My advice to someone considering value pricing is start with a new client.” —Joel Miller

* “One of the things that really scares me about hourly billing is that everyone starts talking about money before anyone even knows why the work needs doing at all.” —Jonathan Stark

* “Everything is practice for the next time.” —Jonathan Stark


* The Sky Floor

* The Why Conversation


* A great time to experiment with value pricing is when you’re really busy

That’s it! Thanks for listening :)



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