August 29, 2017

Cold email outreach experiment

For the past month or so, I’ve been prepping an outreach campaign for my mobile consulting business. So far I have:

As I continued my research today, I found that I had amassed enough info to be comfortable sending out a couple of cold outreach emails. So I decided to do an experiment. I picked two CUs that are in very different areas of the “mobile spectrum” and sent them each an email:

CU1—My first message was to the CEO of a credit union that has about 15 full time employees. They have an iOS app that has very poor reviews. Their website is virtually unusable on mobile.

CU2—My second message was to the CEO of a credit union that has about 150 employees. They have very highly rated mobile apps on both iOS and Android. Their website is mobile-friendly on the surface (e.g., marketing stuff) but as soon as you start drilling into it, it starts to become “desktop only” (e.g., joining the credit union, applying for a loan).


I probably won’t even hear back from either of these folks, but... my hypothesis is that CU2 is a much more likely prospect for me than CU1.

CU1 needs my help way more than CU2, but CU2 has demonstrated that they value mobile, and CU1 has demonstrated that they do not. The odds of me getting hired by an organization that doesn’t seem to value mobile are close to nil.

I need to send about 50 more messages before I get any real idea about where the sweet spot is, but I thought this would be interesting to you. Stay tuned!



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