August 22, 2017

Altitude of Involvement

Recently, I had a big breakthrough with a student. He’s a super professional motivated articulate business person, but there was one area where he had this huge blind spot.

He was saying things like, “I get all this conceptually, but if a prospect asked me what I do, I wouldn’t know what to say,” which is highly unusual for him.

After a a half hour of exploration, we figured out what the disconnect was. This insight was so important, I built a matrix to model the problem so that it would be easier to diagnose with future students.

And guess what? I’m doing a webcast this coming Thursday to share the matrix with you. My hidden agenda is that I want to have a bunch of Q&A with you to polish of the rough edges on what I think will be a very valuable career map.

Here’s the description of the webcast:

Are you a self-employed coder? Are you sick of the feast/famine cycle? Do you feel like you’re treading water? Are you unsure of how to get your business to the next level?

Join Jonathan for a visual walk-through of how to increase your profits by moving up the value chain from freelancer, to developer, to consultant.

This will be a short presentation with lot of Q&A. Show up live to get the most out of it!

You can register here:

Please join me live to help flesh out this new insight!