May 17, 2017

Red Flags

Life is too short to work with bad clients.

And by “bad clients” I specifically mean “clients for whom you are not a good fit.”

Taking on bad clients just because you need the money is a short term solution that creates a long-term problem:

You end up getting paid poorly for work you hate.

Over. And over. And over...

Wash rinse and repeat.

In my 10+ years of consulting, I have learned to spot bad (for me) clients early in the sales cycle by being sensitive to certain interactions that I consider to be “red flags”:

Whenever I have ignored these red flags, I have ended up regretting it.

NOTE: My list is not meant to be used verbatim. Some of your red flags will probably be different from mine. Make your own list—and stick to it!



P.S. Implicit in a message like this is that you should be turning down work from prospects who are less than ideal for your business. If you’re not in a position to turn down bad clients, we should talk.