May 16, 2017

“Fair” warning

Bob is outraged by the fact that he has to pay more for a Coke at a ball game than in a supermarket.

And that he paid more for his United seat than the person next to him did.

And that Weber grills went on sale the day after he bought one.

This is totally fine.

Here’s the thing...

I have a sneaking suspicion that Bob might have a harder time implementing value pricing in his business than folks who are more comfortable with price fluidity.

(I have precisely zero scientific data to back this up, but a good amount of anecdotal evidence seems to point in this direction.)

But guess what?

This is totally fine.

Value pricing is just one way to ditch hourly billing (which you most certainly should do). There are other ways to break the chains of trading time for money that don’t require altering your worldview on fairness in pricing.

This easiest to implement for someone like Bob would be to add a productized service to their website.

One of the many benefits of a productized service is that there’s virtually no sales process. No Why Conversation. No proposal to write. No pricing to set.

You essentially say to the world:

“I do this thing. It costs this much. Take it or leave it.”

Here are some examples I’ve compiled:

Examples of Productized Services

If you are uncomfortable with inconsistency in pricing (or just feeling a distinct lack of confidence in your Why Convo chops), a productized service is a great option.


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