January 3, 2017

FYI - your discount expires in 24 hours

As promised, I’m here to remind you that your giant discounts on the two new packages of Hourly Billing Is Nuts expire in 24 hours (Wednesday January 4th at 11:59pm ET).

I’ll remind you again tomorrow, but still... why risk forgetting to do it and losing out on up to $500 in discounts?

Here’s the package info with codes again:

Here’s the link to the page with the new packages:


While we’re having this little chat, I thought I’d tell you a little more about one of the new bonuses that you’ll get for FREE no matter which package your choose...

Learn Your Lines: What to Say When Clients Put You on the Spot

Valued at $49

In this 95 page guide you’ll learn exactly how to answer common client questions like:

Long time list members might remember this material from an email series I did several months ago.

It was crazy popular back then and now it’s back by popular demand, compiled into an easy to read format. No more hunting through your inbox!

Whether you have seen this material or not, I’m confident that you’re going to love this no-nonsense guide. I literally tell you what exactly what to say at virtually every stage of the sales process.

Anyway, that’s it for now.