November 21, 2016

Ready for some Nuts?

Ah... the holidays are upon us once again (at least in the US), which can mean only one thing:

Black Friday Deals! 😀

As a valued member of my email inner circle, I’m excited to announce an exclusive pre-Black Friday discount on my book Hourly Billing Is Nuts

Enter coupon code HOLIDAY16 at checkout for 30% off your book.

NOTE: This coupon expires soon, so act now!

Here’s how it works (click “allow images” if you don’t see a snazzy gif below):

Thank You!

On Thursday, we’ll be hosting 31 people at our home for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s our 11th year doing this, in spite of the fact that our house isn’t really big enough for that many people.

Even though it’s a tight squeeze (or perhaps because it’s a tight squeeze!) we always have a wonderful, memorable day with friends and family.

As we sit down to dinner, I’ll be thinking of the many things for which I’m thankful. You, dear reader, will be on that list.

Thank you for allowing me into your inbox every day. I consider it an honor and I genuinely appreciate it.

Gobble gobble!