November 21, 2016

Give the gift of Nuts ;-)

As valued reader of Hourly Billing Is Nuts, I owe you a debt of gratitude 🤗

HBIN was my first self-published book (after several traditionally published books) and your support convinced me to never go back to traditional publishing.

This gives me a huge sense of freedom and it’s all because of you. Thank you so much!

The Holidays Are Upon Us

As you probably know, the holiday season is officially upon us (at least in the US).

What you may not know is that I recently added the ability to gift Hourly Billing Is Nuts.

Do you have friends who bill by the hour?

Perhaps folks who have argued with you that hourly is the only way to charge for development?

If so, why not take advantage of this holiday discount to send them their own copy of HBIN?

Use coupon code HOLIDAY16 at checkout to receive 30% off your gift.

NOTE: You can use your coupon as many times as you like, but it expires soon so act now!

Here’s a gif of the process (click “allow images” if you don’t see anything):

Here’s a link to the book page:

Thank you!

Thanks so much for spreading the news of value pricing. Maybe together we can rid the earth of hourly billing 😀