October 25, 2016

Ditching Hourly 006: The Red Balloon

Wow, draft positioning statements are pouring in from y’all now! Thanks to everyone for sharing :)

FYI - I’m probably going to wait a day or two for the influx to die down and then do one big review email.

If you’re still working on yours and would like me to review it, please try to get it in soon.

In the meantime, you might enjoy the latest episode of my podcast:

Ditching Hourly 006: The Red Balloon

Long time readers might recognize that title because this episode is based on a message I sent out to the inner circle a little while back.

Even if you read that message, you might want to listen to the episode because it adds a little more depth to the premise. 

The goal of the episode is to help you internalize the idea of mutual profit. Without a deep understanding of this concept, you will probably be uncomfortable setting value-based prices that result in sky-high effective hourly rates.