Testimonial from Thomas Tuts

The following testimonial was written by Thomas Tuts, a student in my private coaching program.

Here's what Thomas had to say:

There were a few obstacles that almost prevented me from joining Jonathan's private coaching. The first one was that I wasn't sure if my business was in the right place to start with this kind of coaching. The initial introductory call we had quickly made me realize that it was, and that this would be a good fit. The second one, in all honesty, was the investment - I skipped a couple of rungs in the product ladder and went from reading his books straight to private coaching.

I want to be clear here: the investment was most definitely worth it (and has already paid for itself more than 5 times over), and I wouldn't bat an eye at paying the same amount again for more coaching.

As the coaching progressed, I grew more confident both in my business itself as well as my business skills. While I've always had the technical chops, my business skills were a little lackluster. As a direct result, I've started specializing in a niche that a truly understand and love, so I'm excited to see where this road will take me :)

I wouldn't really call it a feature, but it was really cool to see how engaged Jonathan was during the coaching, and how interested he was in my niche (even though it was completely new territory for him). Seeing JS getting all excited for the business opportunities we uncovered confirmed even more that we were on to something great! Other benefits? Accountability (big one for me), general 'brain picking/sparring', his response speed and eagerness to dive deep and help.

Nobody's taken the plunge yet (shame on them), but I've recommended Jonthan's coaching to at least two other freelancers. The 'why' is simple: our time together has really changed my career, and it's headed in a direction that I could only dream of before our coaching. I had a wonderful time during our coaching sessions. Even 'shooting the shit' was really fun and educational in some cases - it was cool to see that it wasn't all 'business'.

I want to call Jonathan a private business coach ninja, but as a karateka he might be offended by that notion :-) Jonathan's private coaching has truly transformed my business - I'm now working in a niche that I truly love and care about. Thanks to our time together, I was able to 5x my investment in less than a year, and I'm on track to have my best financial year yet after our coaching. A+, would be coached again!

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