Testimonial from Brandon Savage

The following testimonial was written by Brandon Savage, a student in my private coaching program.

Here's what Brandon had to say:

Q: What was one obstacle that would have prevented you from enrolling in private coaching?

Pride. I generally feel like I have the skills I need, but Jonathan proved to me that there was plenty to learn and that I don’t lose out on anything simply for using his skills. I am very happy that I went into coaching.

Q: What did you find as a result of enrolling in private coaching?

I found out the right way to build and test a product for market. Jonathan was patient as I bounced from idea to idea, from audience to audience, and helped ground me through methodical approaches that drove me to audiences that would pay the bills and make me money.

Q: What specific feature did you like most about private coaching?

I liked the fact that every week I had a specific set of tasks to accomplish, and that Jonathan was always available to answer questions. In fact sometimes Jonathan would ask to be updated about something mid-week, which helped motivate me to complete the homework.

Q: What would be three other benefits of private coaching?

I enjoyed the specific nature of the coaching, where everything recommended was actionable. I really appreciated Jonathan’s promptness. And his attention to how I felt and what I needed to feel motivated was important.

Q: Would you recommend private coaching? If so, why?

I would recommend private coaching to anyone who wants to jumpstart their business. Even though in the end I determined the product we worked on was not workable for me, the skills I learned are invaluable. I can apply them again and again to other products, and build out those products for my business.

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