May 6, 2024

TBOA Listener Search Site

A long-time listener of TBOA, Andre Murrell, took our category spreadsheet and turned it into a searchable website for your filtering pleasure :-)

Here’s what Andre wrote (shared with permission):

Hi Jonathan

You don’t know me but I’ve been a fan of the podcast for a few years now. I can’t tell you how much value I’ve received from the show. To me what’s made it so refreshing is that both you and Rochelle sound like such lovely people, it’s like having 2 friends in your living room just having a chat. It’s such a relatable way to deliver knowledge that you don’t often find.

In a moment of madness, while presented with a spreadsheet I couldn’t help myself but put your show database into a searchable and filterable website.

It’s for no real reason really, just a gesture to say thanks. I’m on a journey to leave the comfort of my full-time job as a web designer/developer and go solo, and your podcast has been such a great tool to reference. I’m not there yet, but I will get there.

Anyway thanks again, and I look forward to following whatever you do next.

Take Care

Andre Murrell

So cool!

Thanks to Andre for the hard work and the kind words :-)

Please let him know if you find it useful.