February 27, 2024

For expertise-based business owners only

FYI - This email is only for independent professionals who make a living selling their expertise. If your revenue mainly comes from your knowledge and skills, I have a special invitation for you.

(If your income is primarily from physical products, app sales, SaaS, or other non-expertise offerings, I apologize for the interruption! You can safely delete this message without reading further.)

Here’s a question for you:

Does your website bring in leads every single day?

I sure hope so because that’s what it’s for!

If your website isn’t regularly bringing you leads, capturing subscribers, or selling products, the time has come to consider rewriting it.

But I know from talking to hundreds of solopreneurs that the idea of rewriting your website can feel overwhelming:

If these concerns sound familiar, I’ve got something for you...

Next Friday, I’m hosting a very limited private workshop that will teach you how to transform your website from useless to useful, one page at a time.

This is an advanced workshop for experienced professionals who want to start building a predictable lead generation machine instead of continuing to depend solely on a trickle of unpredictable referrals.

(Beginners, please use the free material on my website instead of applying for a spot in this workshop. Thanks!)

Workshop Highlights:

Because this workshop is brand new, I’m keeping it intentionally small — only 20 seats. This means you’ll get your questions answered by me, guaranteed.

This is more than a learning session; it’s a working session.

With only 20 seats available, you’re guaranteed personalized attention, ensuring your website begins to work for you, not against you. This workshop is your chance to generate leads consistently and escape your referral dependence.

If you’re interested in attending, here are a few important details:

The workshop is $497. I’m keeping the price low because this is a sneak peek at some new material I’m developing, and I’m looking to share it with a very small group of experienced business owners. Everyone who participates will be encouraged to provide feedback.

If you want to take advantage of the website approach I use to bring in new leads every day, all year round, I recommend you attend.

Click here to apply for a spot in this workshop

Questions? Hit reply. I’m here to help.

Looking forward to transforming your website into a lead-generating machine together!