January 18, 2024

Problems vs Ingredients

Last week, I had a cold.

Slight cough, a bit of congestion, and some sneezing.

So, I went to the pharmacy to get something for it.

When I got there, do you think I looked for a medication that contained 10mg of dextromethorphan HBr and 5mg of phenylephrine HCI?

Obviously not.

I went looking for a medication that said “Quick Relief from COUGHING, CONGESTION, and SNEEZING” in big letters, right on the front label.

Here’s the thing...

When clients come to you, they really don’t care that much about what your “ingredients” are.

Things like:

All they really want to know is whether you can help get rid of a problem that they want gone.

Don’t lead with your ingredients.

Lead with the problems you solve.