January 10, 2024

Three Ways To Soften Your Scheduler

If you have to set up lots of meetings with people, using an online scheduler is a huge time saver.

Sometimes, however, sending someone a link to your calendar - and therefore putting the onus on them - could be perceived as a little blunt and off-putting.

As an alternative, you could soften the scheduling link message like this:

If you’d like to save some back and forth on scheduling, you can just grab a time that works for you here:


Or, if you’d rather, you can just let me know two or three times in the next few days that will be good for you.

Or, the person might have already suggested a time that you can’t do. In that case, I’d respond with something like:

Unfortunately, I can’t do 11:00 am, but I could do later that day. Would 12:30 pm work?

If not, you can grab a time here:


If the person you’re trying to schedule with is very high status and you want to be extra deferential, I might go with something like this:

As a next step, I propose we have a quick phone call.

Please just reply to this email and CC your assistant, and I’ll coordinate with them to get on your schedule.

Or, if you prefer, I’ve posted my calendar online so you can select a convenient time directly:


Once the other party has booked their first call through the scheduler, they’ll likely be more open to it in the future, and you can be a little more direct and efficient when sharing it.