November 7, 2023

Daily Writing Practice: Brilliant or Insane?

The next session of Email365 starts this coming Monday, so I thought I’d resurface this episode of TBOA about the benefits of writing daily:

Daily Writing Practice: Brilliant or Insane? »

Talking Points

Quotable Quotes

“Writing daily is actually easier than writing weekly” —JS

“I wake up, I put on my pants, I brush my teeth, and I write. It’s just something I do every day.” —JS

“Thinking harder doesn’t solve everything.” —JS

“Someone who’s used to billing by the hour can start to feel like a supplicant. That is not where you want to be as an independent.” —RM

“Your idea gets better when more people share it and play with it and give you feedback.” —RM

“An email list is a closed community.” —RM

“When you write every day, your BS falls away.” —JS

“Text is where I play with my ideas.” —RM

Why Not You?

The idea of daily writing scares most people, but what if your ideal buyers looked forward to getting an email from you. every. single. day?

That’d probably be pretty good for business, right? Right… but how would you get started? You can start your daily publishing streak with Email365.

What is Email365?

Email365 is a 5-day interactive online workshop for busy professionals who want to build their authority fast.

Inside, you will get the instruction, guidance, and accountability you need to start building a daily habit that has the power to transform your business.

Registration for Email365 is open now, and folks from around the world are already connecting in the private Slack room. Lessons start on Monday, April 10th, so don’t wait.


I hope you’ll join us!