August 16, 2023

How To NOT Get Cut In Crunch Times

Fellow list member and fractional CFO, Lauren Pearl replied to my recent Ditcherville comic about a client’s CFO asking Snail for a “fair market rate.”

In our ensuing email thread, she gave some great tips about selling services in crunch times and how not to get cut by your client’s CFO (shared with permission):


Lol, I always enjoy your comics!


Thanks! :-)


To be fair, though:

If that new CFO convinces you to lower your prices OR can seamlessly switch their company to another provider who delivers the same value for less, they’re increasing their ROI. That’s our job!


I totally agree!

Part of Snail’s implication is that they wouldn’t be able to find someone else to deliver the same results for less.


Selling services in crunch times:

How to not get cut:

There are definitely some other things I could think of from the CFO seat, but that’s all I got for 20 min on a Sunday. Hope this perspective is helpful!


All great ideas! Very useful! Thanks again :-)

(end of thread)

Here’s the thing...

For many clients, it’s not a lack of resources (i.e., not having the money)...’s a question of prioritization (i.e., what they will spend their money on).

So ask yourself:

“What can I do to become a high-priority investment for my clients?”