July 29, 2023

Your First Advisory Offering

Let’s say you’re an expert at what you do AND you want to start selling advisory services BUT you have a hard time believing that clients would ever pay for anything but implementation.

Here’s a very low-risk, low-effort experiment you can run to test your assumptions:

  1. Create a Stripe account
  2. Create a Calendly account
  3. Connect your Calendly account to your Stripe account
  4. Create a 45-minute paid event in Calendly called “Strategy Consult”
  5. Set the price for your Strategy Consult at double your current hourly rate (or double your effective hourly rate if you don’t bill hourly)
  6. Figure out who would pay you that much money to pick your brain for about an hour
  7. Make those people aware of your offer in a non-spammy way
  8. Tweak your language and/or target until people start buying

Have fun!