July 22, 2023

How To Find Clients For Subscription Development Stuff

A few years ago, Tim Abell pinged me on Twitter about an episode of TBOA:

@tim_abell: I’ve been listening to “The Business of Authority: Is Selling Subscriptions For You?” It got me thinking about how to find a client base for subscription dev stuff.

@jonathanstark: Any ideas so far?

@tim_abell: Phone all my old clients

@tim_abell: Trawl LinkedIn

@tim_abell: Go to the right kind of meetup group

@tim_abell: Ask for referrals

@tim_abell: Do some SEO for some niche or other and hope for the best

@tim_abell: Decide it’s all too hard & scary and go back to JobServe

That last one... LOL!

But I could really feel Tim’s pain.

And I know lots of other people are in the same trap.

Twitter was never the best place to have a long conversation, so we agreed to chat for an hour on the phone and publish the recording as an episode of Ditching Hourly.

Here’s a link to that session:


Tim mentioned at the end of the hour that he was really hopeful that our chat would help others in a similar situation.

If you find it useful, please let him know (and maybe share it with a few friends).