June 28, 2023

How To Hide The Subscriber Chart In ConvertKit

Since lots of folks on my daily broadcast might also be ConvertKit users, I thought I’d share...

The default subscribers view in ConvertKit has a chart of “net new subscribers” right at the top.

This information is almost never what I’m looking for when I go to my subscribers page.

The chart takes up almost the entire screen, so to see what I really want (i.e., subscribers), I have to scroll the page every. single. time.

Also, I find the chart very confusing because the numbers on it don’t reflect any filters I might have applied to my subscriber list (e.g., just people tagged with “Daily Broadcast”)

So, I wrote a little javascript that only runs on my subscribers page that hides the chart.

Here it is:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", (event) => {

To run this snippet whenever I visit the page, I installed a Chrome extension called User JavaScript and CSS and pasted my code into it.


Now when I visit the subscribers page, I just see what I want... my list of lovely subscribers :-)

(And if I do want to see that chart, I can easily toggle the snippet off temporarily in the extension)

I hope this helps!