May 22, 2023

Sales Pages 101

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I get tactical and specific about how to build your own high-performing (maybe even evergreen) sales pages.


Talking Points

Why capturing the pain your ideal buyer is experiencing is the perfect opening for a successful sales page.

How to move away from focusing on your “fix” to the emotionally charged decision your buyers are making.

The four essential parts of every successful sales page (and how to up the ante once you’ve got those covered).

What to do if you don’t have social proof for your new offering just yet.

How to think about what you’re selling and why your mindset impacts the success of your sales page.

Quotable Quotes

“You want someone to know immediately that you understand them. And by describing their pain better than they could, they’re automatically going to be somewhat convinced that you’ve got a solution.”—JS

“We buy how something is going to make us feel. We don’t buy on logic.”—RM

“In the dream section, you want to present the reader with the mirror image of the pain—you want to flip it.”—JS

“This (the CTA) should be a big button. It should be in major contrast to all of the copy and the colors around it. Your eye should be drawn to this giant button.”—RM

“Social proof: like the smiling faces of people who have just been transformed in the way that you promised above, that that will resonate with the ideal reader of the page.”—JS

“If you’ve already got an audience, you’re hitting on their pain, you’ve designed the solution that your kind of people are looking for—the solution matches the pain and their dream—you’re golden.”—RM

“If someone is coming to the page ready to buy, you want them to know in the first five seconds what it is and how to buy.”—JS

“If you don’t sell, you’re denying your people the opportunity to be better than they were before they experienced this thing.”—RM

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