May 15, 2023

Tactical Creativity

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I talk about how to get the most out of your creative time.


Talking Points

Why small buckets of time can often be easier to exploit than large swaths of free time.

How to think about protecting your creative time for your business while also enjoying the rest of your life.

When rethinking large creative projects and parsing them into smaller chunks makes sense.

The role of consuming other people’s content in “loading the cannon” of your own creativity.

Quotable Quotes

“Not that swanning around the neighborhood with a full day off is a bad thing, but we’re talking about the sort of creative things that you’re doing to build your authority business.”—JS

“When you have a whole day, you can say ‘Wow, look at all this open space—what can I create today with that?’”—RM

“What can I squeeze in between these two appointments?”—JS

“We do these soloist expertise businesses so that we can do great work, make huge transformations, make piles of money, and enjoy our lives.”—RM

“Writing a podcast outreach pitch where I am reaching out to a podcast host to pitch myself as a guest—half an hour is a perfect amount of time for me to do one of those.”—JS

“When I’m invited to guest, especially on a well-known podcast, I’m going to do prep…I will think about how do I want to position this? I don’t ever want to go into those cold.”—RM

“If you know what they’re going to ask you, you might as rise to the occasion.”—JS

“Sometimes I’ll just look at all the highlights (I’ve collected from other people’s content) and ask…how would this apply to expertise and authority and consulting? Is there an angle I haven’t thought about?”—RM

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