May 6, 2023

What’s your favorite band?

Are you into music?

Cool! Me too.

I’ve got a pop quiz for you...

(Pun intended LOL)

Of the following list, who are your favorite musical artists?

If your answer was “none of the above,” you get a fist bump from me, given that a bunch of my faves are missing (i.e., Rush, Halen, Cars, Clash, Heads, Ozzy, Femmes, Winger, Janes, AIC, Peppers, BNL, Rage, Cake, Foos, etc.)


With your favorites in mind, I want you to find 13 minutes to watch this entire video all the way to the end from one of my favorite music biz YouTubers, Rick Beato:

The AI Effect: A New Era in Music and Its Unintended Consequences

You’ve probably never heard of Rick, but he has millions of subscribers, and he really knows his stuff with regard to the music biz.

Why does this matter for you?

You probably don’t care about the music business.

But the music business is a content business.

And you are in the content business.