January 9, 2023

The Care And Feeding Of Your Authority Business

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I talk about what’s required for the ongoing care and feeding of your authority business (e.g., clients, selling, marketing, admin, financial)


Talking Points

Deciding what checklists, systems, and automation make the most sense for you.

How to determine where your time has the most value (and let go of what you can).

Knowing if/when you’re ready to outsource any tasks—and why you want to understand the process and potential outcomes before you hand them off.

How to think about and plan the financial side of your business, so it’s serving you (vs. the other way around).

Quotable Quotes

”The automation that I have now began its life as checklists.”—JS

“There are five areas where you can have systems and checklists—where you want to pay attention to your business and the underlying systems.”—RM

“Is everything I’m doing here adding value? Especially the really hard stuff—is that adding value?”—JS

“It (making checklists) also gives you better insight into how much time you’re spending running your business.”—RM

“Have a really simple, straightforward (selling) system that is as easy as it can be…that you’re comfortable with, so it doesn’t make you cringe.”—JS

“It’s really easy to let the selling go when you have a thorny client problem. Having a system—with checklists—is really important to keep your pipeline full.” —RM

“The stuff that you do to keep your marketing machine operating on a regular basis can be very small; it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.”—JS

“This is where you ask, so do I want a 401k? Do I want some kind of a retirement plan inside my business? What are the best options for me?”—RM

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