January 3, 2023

Kick-off 2023

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

“Have you locked and loaded your strategy for 2023?”


Talking Points

When it’s time to develop a new strategy (or pivot from the old one).

How to use your strategy as a filtering system to evaluate and choose the right tactics.

Using themes to focus your activities for the year.

Punching through an income plateau with new strategy and tactics.

Quotable Quotes

“It was like I had a team of people that just did what they were supposed to do.”—JS

“Your strategy is like a filtering system—there are a gazillion things we can do in any moment, but if we’re filtering through a strategy, we’re much more likely to be productive.”—RM

“Tactics without strategy is a disaster.”—JS

“You’ve got this litmus test of the strategy to say, okay, does this tactic align with my strategy?”—RM

“A strategy automatically has risk. If your strategy can’t fail, it’s not a strategy.”—JS

“What are your people working on? What are the buzzwords they’re using? What are the challenges that they’re facing?”—RM

“Part of my overall mission does point me to reaching people who are younger and younger. I even have a children’s book sketched out that illustrates the insanity of hourly billing.”—JS

“If you’ve been at an income plateau for a while, and nothing you do seems to punch through—that’s when you need a new theme for the year to shake up your tactics.”—RM

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