June 23, 2022

Every Day Feedback

Approximately eight hours ago, I asked everyone here on my daily mailing list the following question:

Have you ever thought about starting a daily mailing list but haven’t taken the plunge? If so, I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts, feelings, and questions with me.

…and WHOA! My inbox filled up like a sump pump in a downpour ;-)

Here’s what y’all so generously sent back (shared anonymously because it would’ve taken me a week to ask everyone individually for permission to use their names):

  1. What do I write about?
  2. What if I say something wrong and someone smarter than me catches it?
  3. What if I expose myself as a fraud?
  4. Would it be effective to write out several months worth of emails that each new subscriber is automatically enrolled in, starting with email #1?
  5. Or is this something you need to constantly be writing in real time in order to keep subscribers satisfied?
  6. How do you ensure your emails don’t end up in spam if someone fails to open a few of them?
  7. How do I actually grow my list? I can send my daily email to my paltry 37 subscribers but how can I get that to 3,700 or 37,000?
  8. What if I fall off the wagon because I didn’t have any subscribers?
  9. How do you structure your life so you can find the time?
  10. How much time is spent to accomplish this daily task?
  11. How do you deal with procrastination?
  12. How do you deal with making the perfect the enemy of good?
  13. Where do you find the inspiration for content?
  14. How do you build your email list?
  15. How do you know it’s working or not working?
  16. What objective data do you use to make decisions?
  17. What’s the best set up? What software/tech is required?
  18. What is the onboarding process? Do you use the same welcome series for everyone? How often do those emails get updated?
  19. How much is automated vs ad hoc?
  20. How did you start? What’s your story? What lessons have you learned that you wish you knew when you started?
  21. What is less obvious but meaningful?
  22. What doesn’t really matter that people think matters?
  23. Who cares about what I have to say?
  24. How am I going to start an email list without anyone on my email list? I don’t have time to lure people to my email list using social media and ALSO actually write the list.
  25. What the hell do I write about everyday and do people really want to hear yet another thought?
  26. Would you recommend “stockpiling” emails ahead of time for those days when you don’t have the energy to write?
  27. It (almost) paralyzes me to think about only sharing a quick thought.
  28. I would be worried about how to come up with 365 email topics and end up being one of those people who says “so, I haven’t been in contact for a while because…” (enter bogus excuse for not having any content).
  29. I worry that I don’t know enough about my area and that other people in my space will laugh at me.
  30. There is an art to creating content that is engaging and I don’t know it.
  31. I don’t have an email list.
  32. Can I just expand on a facebook/instagram post to save time?
  33. Where should I go for inspiration when I’ve run out of ideas?
  34. Why daily vs weekly?
  35. How long should each message be?
  36. Can I use it as a platform for people to get to know me as a person and my values or should I just stick to topics related to my core business?
  37. I’ve heard that every contact should be building toward a purchase from that person by first creating a relationship, building trust, then selling them something. Is this true? If so, how do I avoid new contacts from getting a first email, say, that is selling a product?
  38. Will this work in my country? My industry? My client group?
  39. How do I come up with relevant content ideas?
  40. What is a good email length?
  41. Does batching work? (like doing all 7 on Monday) or does it have to be a daily writing habit?
  42. I honestly would love to start a daily writing habit for my own benefit as well as hopefully bringing a little light to people’s days. funny thing is I’m not trying to SELL anything. simply have a creative outlet. but then i have that ole impostor syndrome kick in.
  43. How would I transition a current infrequent newsletter into a daily newsletter?
  44. What platform should I use?
  45. I don’t have a list yet. It would feel strange talking to myself.
  46. I’m not all that fired up about my ’expensive problem’
  47. The biggest hurdle - IMO - is determining who the audience will be. The next hurdle is content that provides value to that audience.
  48. The question swirling in my head is - should I write for my ideal buyers? Or write something that would help the people I actually work with day-to-day?
  49. What’s stopping me? I think it’s because I don’t have a list or a lead magnet to build a list.

I have a follow-up question for folks who are thinking about taking the plunge into “daily mailing list” territory:

What are the top three of these questions and concerns that resonate with you?

Please hit reply and let me know!

(You can just list the numbers if that’s easiest)

Here’s the thing…

Well… really, two things:

  1. Holy Goldmine, Batman!!! - I never ever EVER would have come up with all these questions - and therefore, the content to answer them - on my own! This feedback gives me everything I need to present a workshop that will reliably improve people’s businesses and lives in a meaningful way… which is likely to lead to glowing testimonials, spontaneous recommendations, and positive word of mouth. Yay! Thanks a million to everyone who replied 🙏
  2. Holy Meta-Example Batman!!!! - If I hadn’t spent the last 5+ years trying to write useful emails every. single. day, I wouldn’t have the audience, credibly, or expertise to even warrant this kind of generous response. But it’s not just me…. virtually everyone I’ve worked with who has taken the “daily mailing list” plunge has reported the same thing: “It’s the single best thing I’ve ever done for my business, by far.”

If you like to build your authority, grow your audience, and deepen your expertise, add your name to the announcement list for Email365

I hope to see you there!



P.S. If you haven’t already, please feel free to send in your questions or concerns about starting a daily email list. I’d love to hear from you!