May 27, 2022

Success story from reader D.L. Watson

Fellow list member D.L. Watson wrote in to share a recent success story (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hello, Jonathan.

I’m writing to thank you personally for transforming my business this year. For the last ten years, I’ve been trapped in hourly-rate hell, where I was expected to complete projects quickly while maintaining my reputation for quality.

Even if I could persuade a client to pay a rush fee, I would usually feel underpaid for the scope of work.

Your advice and literature have changed the way I run my business. My income has more than tripled in the last two months.

Every aspect of your advice, right down to your email disclaimers, is tailored to the client or customer.

So, once again, thank you!

Fabulous! Messages like this make my day :-)

I hope D.L.’s success is an inspiration to others who find themselves in “hourly-rate hell.”