April 20, 2022

Punk Marketing

In my coaching community (aka Ditcherville), there was a question about my “punk” approach to content marketing and sales funnels.

If you’re drawn to a less sales-y / more punk approach, here’s my underlying strategy:

Help people you like get what they want at scale for free

What does this look like for an authority-based soloist biz?

Publish as often as humanly possible, ideally daily.

How do you publish daily?

There are two types of publishing you need to do as an authority:

  1. Writing
  2. Speaking

Writing could be a blog, tweet storms, linkedin articles, mailing list, etc

(pro tip: mailing list is my fave)

Speaking could be YT channel, podcast, events, guesting on other shows, television interviews, etc

(pro tip: podcasting is my fave)

Once you have chosen your two publishing channels, ignore everything else and just do the work.

If you’re not getting traction, the move isn’t to pivot to a different funnel/stack, it’s to publish better stuff.

(And by “better” I mean, “more useful to the people you want to help”)

Speaking of which.... I hope this helps ;-)