April 18, 2022

Bad Grammar—Should You Bend The Rules?

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

“Is bending the rules when it comes to grammar OK? Or is it unprofessional...”


Talking Points

Why using perfect grammar in a sales pitch or conversation still won’t guarantee you the deal.

How to use grammar and language to communicate and persuade vs. to impress (and the role of status games).

Why simplicity makes it easier to get the result you want.

The role of grammar in expressing your brand and setting client/audience expectations.

Quotable Quotes

“You could do a sales pitch or a sales interview and use perfect grammar throughout and still not land the deal.”—JS

“You adjust your language to meet them where they are.”—RM

“You’re not looking for an A+ on a book report. You’re trying to get someone to change.”—JS

“This is really more about simplicity and getting the result that you want.”—RM

“It’s all about communicating it to them in a way that is going to be digestible and not activate status roles.”—JS

“Who’s your audience? How do they communicate? What kinds of words are too big and too much?”—RM

“If what you want is for the listener or the reader or the viewer to do something, then the most important thing is producing that action.”—JS

“Language is part of the toolkit of a consultant or anyone who’s trying to make transformational change in an audience.”—RM

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