January 4, 2022

Paul Boag - Helping People For Free At Scale

The lovely and talented Paul Boag, joined me on Ditching Hourly to talk about how helping people for free is good for business.

Paul and his partner Marcus were the hosts of the first podcast that I fell in love with... he’s a real OG in the podcasting world and the inspiration for everything I’ve done in podcasting since.

(For example, every time you hear me on a show referring to “the dear listener” that’s pure Paul)

These days, Paul is a UX consultant, digital transformation expert, and charming man about town ;-)


Talking Points

The value of jumping on a new platform.

How podcasting creates trust.

How to create a good podcast.

Hunting versus gardening.

Expertise by association.

Video-first workflow.

The benefit of publishing your mistakes instead of editing them out.

Why you don’t need to be outgoing to have a podcast.

The benefits of daily publishing.

The trust difference between writing and speaking.

The simplicity of simply being a helpful human being.

Why you should share absolutely everything you know.

How tactics change over time.

Why you need to adapt for the reality you’re in.

What to copy from your heros (spoiler: copy the strategy, not the tactics).

Why niching down is a great way to become dominant in a sector.

Why it’s critically important to find out where your ideal buyers talk to each other.

How to work your way into a niche market.

Show your expertise, don’t tell your expertise.

Niching around an audience instead of a deliverable.

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P.S. What would it do for your business if you could speak to a room full of five hundred (or more) people every week who are interested in your expertise?

It would be transformative.

You can actually accomplish this relatively easily with a podcast.

Have you thought about starting a podcast but you gave up because you got paralyzed picking a mic?

Or because you don’t like the sound of your own voice?

Or because English isn’t your first language?

Or because you fear you’ll run out of things to say?

Here’s the thing…

If you can run a Zoom call, you can host a podcast.


It’s time to start sharing your voice.

If you need a kick in the pants, add your name to the announcement list for the next 5-Day Podcast Challenge.

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I hope to see (and hear) you there!