December 22, 2021

The Hidden Side Of The Art Market

If you’re looking for something fascinating and useful to listen to over the holiday break, look no further than “The Hidden Side Of The Art Market” on the Freakonomics Radio podcast.

The Hidden Side Of The Art Market is a three part series that is one of the best case studies I’ve ever heard on the subjectivity of value and the importance of pricing signals.

Part 1 - A Fascinating, Sexy, Intellectually Compelling, Unregulated Global Market.

Part 2 - I’ve Been Working My Ass Off for You to Make that Profit?

Part 3 - The Art Market Is in Massive Disruption.

If you run an expertise-based knowledge business, then what you sell is closer to art than to a commodity.

Therefore, it is potentially subject to extreme price elasticity (which is why you should probably listen to this series).

There are so many amazing perspectives that it’d take me a month to excerpt and comment on each.

Instead, maybe let’s do this…

If you hear something that doesn’t make sense to you, or sends you into a rage, or triggers a massive a-ha moment, please reply to this message with your feelings and I’ll comment and share with the list.




P.S. Hat tip to Swizec Teller for the recommendation :-)