August 24, 2021

Patience, Grasshopper

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in to let me know that my website was down today.

The messages fell into a few categories:

And as bad as it felt to let all these people down, the effect that it had on my daily workflow was even worse:

It was truly disorienting to have lost access to what feels like a part of my brain. It was like I had a stroke or something.

Here’s the thing…

A few years ago, I would have FREAKED OUT if my website was down.

I would have dropped everything and done anything to stand up a new server from a backup.

Today - perhaps older and wiser - I decided not to.


  1. I knew what the problem was - my hosting company (Digital Ocean) had an unexpected hardware failure
  2. I knew that they were working on it - DO had emailed me before I even knew about the issue and promised to update once they had more info
  3. And most importantly, I knew from past experience that me nuking my day to create and configure a new server would probably result in months of unpleasant surprises

So I simply waited.

Not because it wasn’t really bad that people (including me) could not get access to my content.

I decided to wait because I knew that my hosting company had more to lose from the outage than I did, and they probably had a bunch of good people working on it on my behalf, and therefore they would almost certainly beat me to a solution.

And guess what?

A few hours later, everything was 100% back to normal.

And I didn’t have to nuke my day.

And I am not facing weeks of annoying exception cleanup.

Of course, if this sort of thing started happening in the regular, I’d probably look into a more robust solution.

But for now, patience won the day.



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