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Michael Zipursky on the Future of Consulting

Long time list members will recognize the name Michael Zipursky.

He’s a fellow crusader in the battle against hourly billing, and I’ve had him on both Ditching Hourly and TBOA to violently agree with me about how to run a consulting business ;-)

MZ interviewed me a while ago to get a few quotes for a book he was working on called The Future of Consulting, and at long last it’s publicly available. W00t!

The book is free for the next few days, and you can grab your copy here:


Michael graciously went to the trouble to create an affiliate link for me, but I refuse to use it. I’m happy to share this simply because I think it’s good and it might help you.



P.S. Have you ever thought about starting your very own podcast but gave up on the idea?

I’ve got good news for you!

If you can run a Zoom call, you can host a podcast.

In my 5-Day Podcast Challenge, you will learn exactly what to do (and NOT do) to get your podcast off the ground in as little as five days.

The next session of 5DPC starts on Monday, April 12th (less than a week from today).

Add your name to be notified as soon as registration opens:


I hope to see you there!

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