December 1, 2020

Wanting vs Asking

When you’re known for a certain skill, it’s not uncommon for potential clients to ask you to “do your thing” on their behalf.

For example:

If you’re a software developer, they’ll ask you to write code.

If you’re a copywriter they’ll ask you to write copy.

If you’re a photographer they’ll ask you to take pictures.

And if that’s what they want, you can certainly sell it to them.


If you want to significantly increase your profitability AND improve your chances of delighting the client, then it pays to dig deeper.

But how?

Have The Why Conversation with the client to understand why they want you to deploy your skills on their behalf.

In other words, what do they think your code or your copy or your photos are going to do for them?

What is the transformation that they believe your deliverables will lead to for their business?

Once you understand their underlying motivation, odds are pretty good that you can come up with an easier way to deliver the results that they want, which is a more profitable arrangement for both of you.

Please note that this process is NOT you talking them out of what they want... it’s how you help ensure that what they really want is what they actually get.

This is very different from trying to convince a client that they need something that they don’t want.

Trying to convince a client is a waste of everyone’s time. Try to understand them instead.