October 12, 2020

Is It Time To Start Pitching Media?

This week on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

“How do you know when it’s time to start pitching media? It may well be before you think you’re ready...”

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Talking Points

The signs you’re ready to start pitching to media.

Identifying the right media for you today—bloggers and podcasters, niche media and name brand digital and print outlets.

How to think of and treat journalists to capture their attention and get your message heard.

The role of media attention in building your authority and your business (hint: it is often NOT a straight line).

Deciding which success criteria matter most and how to use them to guide your decisions and attention.

Quotable Quotes

“One sign that you know you’ve got something is where you have a hook to a really hot story. There are times—and 2020 is one of them—where there are only two or three really hot stories.”—RM

“You need to be measuring something—even if it’s intangible... know WHY you’re doing it (pitching media) or you’ll feel like you’re shouting into the void.”—JS

“When it comes to authority... we want our name associated with our ideas, and that means media.”—RM

“The “trick” is to look at media as a potential long-term relationship and you just start helping—you develop a posture of service.”—JS

“Sometimes you have a favorite publication and you realize they don’t cover your topic at all or they do it in a way you think is insufficient. Pitch them!” —RM

“If my strategy is to get a monthly column in a big publication then I’ll pick different outlets to reach out to than if my success metric was to increase the number of my email subscribers.”—JS

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